Suggestions for our Ethical Resources directory

Hi! We would really appreciate it if you could add Bibcitation to your directory.

We are a small startup based in Canada, building an easy-to-use citation generator to make students’ lives easier. Unlike the industry giants such as Citation Machine or EasyBib, Bibcitation doesn’t require students to watch an ad or sign in before creating a citation and doesn’t participate in data collection.

Above all, we’re working with current students and researchers to figure out what their needs are and build our tool around them instead of relying on ads and monetization.

Thank you so much!

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Hello! I recommend this email service called Hey. They don’t track and they’re independent.

A great blog called Creative Good by Mark Hurst. Similar in intention to Center for Humane Technology. He’s based in NYC. Check it out!


We would love to be added…

We are a small family run business with a passion for the world that we live in. We love anything, eco friendly, natural, sustainable and zero waste so we decided to put our favourite products under one roof and decided to create the Eco Friendly & Plastic Free Products Store called zero zen. We hope you will love the selection of products as much as our planet does.

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Firefox Send has been discontinued. It can be removed from the file-sharing section.

Here is a recommendation for alternative cell phones: The Light Phone.
The company is based out of Brooklyn, NY. Here is the website:

The Light Phone 2 looks really interesting, I’ve never seen it before, thanks for sharing.

I would like to propose the Open Green Map site for creating maps using the Green Map Icons toolkit. These maps use a globally designed icon set that highlight ethical (social and environmental) locations.

See for more information.