Suggestions for our Ethical Resources directory

Hi everyone!
A suggestion for the analytics category:

Offen - Fair web analytics

Offen is an open source web analytics software that treats operators and users as equal parties.

Operators can gain valuable insights about how users interact with their services while ensuring that their users remain in full control over their data.

Offen is lightweight, self hosted and free.

Thanks for your time. Let me know if there are any questions.

Hi :wave:t2:
What about adding Mudita Pure phone to the ‘Phones’ category?

Mudita Pure is as environmentally and socially friendly device as we could achieve. Our mission was to use the most responsible options available. Our every choice reflects the pursuit to provide a more fair trade and ethical device.

All the best!

I think a lot of people get quite confused between Matomo (which used to be called Piwik) and Piwik Pro. I know I have before.

Thanks for adding a Design category. It’s still missing a few fantastic tools for graphics and illustration. In particular, I would add the desktop publication program Scribus, the digital negatives tool darktable, drawing software Krita (krita dot org).

Also, Pitivi for the video category.

Good suggestions. Additionally, if you add Krita then you should also add paint dot net (gimp like) and (for flow charts and mindmaps) to the design part. Also, meshroom can maybe be a nice addition:

Please note that instance has been closed. The link now refers to other instances that run invidio software. When a user clicks that link out of curiosity, it does no longer see immediately what invidio looks like but rather a page with other invidio instances.

I’d like to suggest adding Towards Sustainability to the magazines/newsletters category - you can find it here:

It’s a completely free newsletter about sustainability which we are publishing monthly, the third one will be out in about a week and we are trying to make sure that each issue is better than the one before. We have some new volunteer contributors joining over the next few issues and we publish it in English and Lithuanian (not sure how many Lithuanian readers there are on

A couple of days ago we watched the movie ‘Kiss the Ground’.

It’s a beautifully made film about the importance of soil, how modern agriculture is causing desertification and what we need to do to stop it and to allow the soil to become the biggest carbon sink on the planet (as it always was before humanity).

I think it would be a really good addition to the ‘talks and films’ section of the directory.