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Please help us improve our Ethical Resources directory.

Submit below a link to an ethical resources plus your reasons for considering it this way (open source / no tracking / independent etc).



Can we add to the directory? It rates companies based on the how much unsustainable palm oil do they use in their products.


Oooh, good one Raj - I think this score would actually be great to include on every applicable company profile! :grinning:


one for the hosting?

(Hi everyone!)


Hey Andrea, and welcome! :relaxed:

Great recommendation - thanks so much! I’ll pop it on the list tomorrow! :relaxed:

Monday Roadmap 04/03/19 - Pretty Pictures

The Age of Stupid under documentaries.

Franny Armstrong made this documentary 10 years ago. If you watch it now, you’ll see how little has changed since then and how closer we are to that fatidic 2055.

Cautionary look at our changing climate, and mankind’s lack of foresight.


Started as a mobile app for ethical clothing directory, now I think is still the same even tho it looks so much different and much more like a magazine rather than an app directory.


One more general thought:
In the resource page there’s a “Submit” button that link to this page.
Maybe is better to send users to a public online form that doesn’t require them to signup? One might be interested to give a one-time help but not getting too much involved thus not willing to invest time in a signup.


Good point Andrea. Will change the link to a Typeform that Sarah created earlier.