Suggestions for our Ethical Resources directory

Bitwarden is a great piece of software, been using it for years and have far fewer privacy concerns than I do with any of the other options I looked at.

Oh, and if anyone thinks that they don’t need a password manager, I wrote a blog post a couple of years ago that explains why you really do - Why you need a password manager | S4 Hosting (


I’d like to suggest our directory and community for vegan businesses, charities and organisations,

Ethical Globe will provide a platform for communities to build and to unite. In time, it will help create a worldwide network of like-minded people, projects and businesses who care about justice for all. Justice for humans, justice for other animals and justice for the planet.

Thank you!


The Browser Add-ons that makes.

Globemallow shows sustainable design and website development best practice reports.

Analytics & Ad Blocker blocks internet trackers and advertisements- all without using any of your data!

Both are free to use.

Recommendation for Blogging & CMS Category:


  • No ads, zero tracking
    • No cookies for analytics or tracking
    • No email required for signup
  • No platform lock-in
    • Export blog anytime
    • Monthly auto-exports via email (premium feature)
    • Redirect to new domain
  • Custom domain (premium feature)
  • Image hosting
  • Subscriptions
    • via RSS
    • via Email (newsletter)
  • Also:
    • Analytics (backend based)
    • Comments
    • API
    • Webring integration
    • Import text/markdown files
    • Export as epub book format
  • 100% open source

Hello! It would be great If you could add API Tester ( app to your platform! The app is great and free, and helps to test any kind of APIs right from your phone. I believe API tester fits perfectly to the concept of this website!

Hi all,

I would like to suggest Rentgen firefox based browser add-on to browser extensions category.

Rentgen illustrates the amount of tracking scripts on a website and helps with formulating an email to the website admin, which can be a basis for a GDPR complaint.

It’s FOSS: source code

Arkadiusz (an alternative Search Engine and alternative to Bings Chatgpt with the open source chatbot)

Librewolf: (Firefox fork with enhanced Privacy and Security Patches)

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Hi there - I’d like to suggest Block Sender, which has been around since 2012(!). It helps block more than just unwanted newsletters and integrates directly with Gmail via our browser extension.

  • No ads
  • No tracking
  • No data collection
  • Independent
  • Yearly 3rd party security audits


Hi All!

I’d like to suggest Nice 'N Ethical (

There are no ads, and I haven’t yet seen a site where you can write reviews about businesses from an ethical point of view. But here, you can! :slight_smile:

Hi. Is this website still updated?

I want to suggest UXWizz as a self-hosted analytics platform. It is most similar to Matomo, but you also get heatmaps and session recordings in the on-premise (self-hosted) version.

You can also manually toggle specific tracking features, it doesn’t use any 3rd party services and doesn’t use cookies.

I’d love to suggest Neem London, they are forward thinkers in the world of fashion, creating collections from recycled clothing. Here they write a really interesting article about where fashion ends up and to what cost! Where do your old clothes end up? By William Asante – Neem London

My blog focuses on sustainable fashion choices, like this shirt which has been styled 10 ways. Building a capsule wardrobe is so essential and yet fast fashion continues to destroy our planet :frowning:

I have just discovered very nice messenger: What do you think guys?

And I disagree with Telegram in that category.


I like that one, and I really can recommend Cromite for mobile as well (GitHub - uazo/cromite: Cromite a Bromite fork with ad blocking and privacy enhancements; take back your browser!).

Hey! Does anyone know any other whiteboard for team collaboration? Something similar to Miro?

can i add here as directory Slot88?


I would like to introduce you to Panquake Me, a privacy respecting short URL and we would love to be listed on your directory.

Panquake Me is set to disrupt the link shortener market, the short URL simultaneously:
• prevents user spying and tracking (from marketers and big tech),
• archives the original source link removing dead links online, and
• all with one click, and
• a user friendly interface.

A bit about us, Panquake Me is from the developers of upcoming social networking app Panquake. A few points from our CTO, Sean O’Brien (featured in NYT, Motherboard):
• Panquake Me doesn’t record identifiers about the user or anyone who clicks on the links,
• Panquake Me uses Free and Open-Sourced Software, and
• the Panquake team develops tools to opt out against Big Tech to restore user privacy.

Feel free to try Panquake Me for yourself at . Please see our Press Center for more info and our user metrics here. Panquake Press Page

Thank you,

Beth B.
Customer Support Manager
Panquake/Panquake Me/Talk Liberation

Hello everyone,
I would highly suggest Undo meditation app under mobile apps.
Unlike other meditation apps, Undo focuses on body-based meditation, which offers unique benefits. Undo helps users unlock the transformative power of deep body meditations, going below the surface to rediscover what makes us human through natural meditation.

In short: “You should pay for your search engine to ensure that the incentives of your information provider are aligned with what’s best for you, not what’s best for advertisers.”