Suggestions for our Ethical Resources directory

Yep, that’s going up too! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Sarah! You rock!

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Hi Saray! I’d like to suggest my app Hippo, which is a notes app to stay on top of relationships and become more attentive to the people around you. The data stays on your device, and I’ve already received a couple of compliments on my privacy policy (didn’t expect people to actually read it :slight_smile:
I use a couple of products from your directory in this project, like SimpleAnalytics on the marketing site and Matomo to track screens in the app.

ahhh @roel, what a lovely idea! :slight_smile: definitely worthy of a place on the list, i think! :relaxed:

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Hey there! I’d like to suggest shrtcode
It’s a free URL shortener which is very privacy friendly because it doesn’t track any short-link visitors. Additionally, it stores all shortened Links very securely and is very reliable and fast.
You can read more about it on the FAQ page:

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Lovely stuff @A_n :relaxed:

Hi there guys.

Amazing collection of resources here! Wanted to also contribute one which is a website my friend worked on listing Europe based ethnical clothing brands:


yo, I’d very much like to see a project management category opened and would suggest GNU Redmine and openproject as the first entries in that category


Hi there, I’d like to suggest Wallabag as a viable Free/Libre/Open Source alternative to Pocket/Instapaper. It’s a self-hostable PHP/MySQL app (like Wordpress). There’s also a hosted version at


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You could addIzarkom to broadband providers. It is a cooperative and democratic Basque project that emerges from the people, which has been created with the aim of providing a series of telecommunication services that would guarantee access to telephony and internet services, suitable for technical conditions and based on eligible costs through affordable tariffs. In short, Izarkom is a cooperative telecommunication operator from the Basque Country, whose purpose to get sovereignty over the infrastructure of telecommunication services.

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This is more of an edit than a submission. Firefox has now rebranded and it’s home to a suite of ethical and privacy-focused products like Firefox Browser, Firefox Send, Firefox Monitor, Firefox Listen, Pocket, and Firefox Lockwise hopefully with more to come. Firefox

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Would it be possible to add an Electric Vehicle Hire company - great alternative for those looking to commute around the UK, or tourists who want to visit and travel around the UK without any emissions?

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Consider adding, a search engine that donates part of its revenue to climate change causes such as animal welfare, reforestation, ocean conservation, and climate change policy. Its servers are housed in eco-friendly data centres to ensure that user searches have a minimal impact on the environment. The data centers used are cooled passively by airflow and water with zero reliance on air-conditioning. User searches are all anonymous, no search history is retained, and every search is private

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Hey everyone, I saw the documentary 2040: Regeneration in the cinema yesterday and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is dealing with eco-anxiety at the moment. The director wanted to make the film to show his daughter what an eco-friendly future might look like if we implemented the clean technologies we have available today.

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Hello! I would like to suggest Clean Email app. It helps to manage your mailbox – group and organize, remove, label, and archive emails, unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and spam emails. You can try it for free for managing your first 1000 emails.

There are a few online news sites dedicated to ethical news:
Topic News (available in Chinese and English)

Micro News. (English)

abillionveg is a plant-based food and products review site. Submit reviews and engage with the community, and the company donates to animal sanctuaries and related groups along the way.

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  • Mapping Plattform, mainly for sustainable Initiatives, Events and Companies
  • Non-Profit Association and free-open-source developer-comunity without tracking
  • Helpful to map your #network and integrate a Map-Iframe in your own webpage

Paced Email is an independently run email service built to buffer you from the constant onslaught of distraction. By using our programmable aliases, you can create daily, weekly, or even monthly schedules. By slowing down those frequent emails to a more manageable rate, calm will return to your work and home life.


Librehosters is a network of online service providers (such as Nomagic) providing services based only of Free and Open Source Software, with no advertisement, no data monetization and no involvement of third-party.