Suggestions for our Ethical Resources directory

I would include, an alternative to Slack. It works with channels > threads > conversations; it is thread-based and asynchronous so that a team member in Asia can calmly contribute to a discussion that happened 10 hours ago during US work hours. It is particularly useful for distributed teams. No FOMO or stress to respond. It also has a time off feature that allows you to disable all notifications and shows a vacation avatar to show your teammates. It


An ethical social network website for freelancers:
Registrants can join forum discussion and submit guest posts for freelancing issues.



Is there a specific order to the items listed on Ethical’s directory?

If not, I’d suggest either creating a rating scheme and sorting them or displaying them in a random order for each page load. Many people will unconsciously assign more value to items higher on the list, and that could either be fairly shared to the each item, or based on some metric.



Great point @ctag! Working on a collaborative rating scheme atm. Will be live in a few weeks we hope :slight_smile:


inclusion request for Broadband and Phones resources directory

Hi all!

please add Somos Conexión as the only Spanish telecoms co-operative, offering pay monthly SIMs and broadband.
Unfortunately website appears to be only in Catalan and Spanish

Check them out:
in order to translate DeepL is your friend :slight_smile:

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Thanks @easyKL! :slight_smile:

DeepL’s already on there, but we’ll check out Somos! :slight_smile:

Would love to see Drupal on there in the “Blogging & CMS” category. It’s an open source CMS in the same vain as WordPress and Joomla. Backdrop, which is already on the list, was forked from Drupal. It’s included as an example of famous OSS software, next to linux, in a recent blog post of yours
My profile there

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Just came across an open source forum software called Flarum. Still in Beta but looks interesting!

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@rocketeerbkw & @spanrucker thanks chaps, these look like great fits, will add 'em! :smiley:

Hi @Cata ,
could you add

Category: Tools (better would be E-commerce or Ecommerce if it is possible).

We provide a tool that allows you to add a shopping cart, microtransactions and integrate a shopping process into any website, mobile and desktop app or into any Game.
Our customers have a free program up to 4 euros per month and they are paying for writting requests into our API (if they exceed the limit 4 euros).

The integration is done by adding a few lines of Javascript into the aplication or website.

It is a great tool for creating a small e-commerce with a few products and thanks to its flexibility even for large projects with thousands of products.

Also we have a few open source packages on github

The official description for our service is

Integrate a shopping cart, shopping process and microtransactions to your website, mobile and desktop app easily. Compatible with any CMS, framework, platform and site or app builders.

Code less, do more!

Thanks in advance for your answer :).


Hi everyone!

First of all, I wanted to thank the community for creating such an amazing and needed project!

And to help extend the number of great resources, I would like to suggest adding a new debating platform called DebateArt. It’s a completely independent and free debating platform created with a purpose to help people to improve argumentation and eloquence skills, which debating is a best tool for.

The project doesn’t have any investments or a company behind it so it is completely community driven but as we all know, the coin always has two sides and as a result, the project may seem rather simple, considering that it is being developed by 1.5 developers on their free time but don’t let it fool you, we still have an extremely nice community and fantastic debates, like the one you can find here.

Thank you for your time!

Please let me know if you have some questions :slight_smile:

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I didn’t see an area for directory feedback, directly, but this seemed like the closest place. For the ethical Mailing Lists, is there anyway to provide information about why these resources are ethical? The open source options I understand their stance already. But for Mautic (who have merged with Acquia now) and Buttondown, it’s less clear why they’re ethical. Buttondown says, in their FAQs:

Are you doing anything weird with the data?

…but is there any other information out there? It’s an unfamiliar option to me, personally, so if there were some sort of extra information for this (or other topics) it would be helpful!

It doesn’t have to be in the guide, btw. I’m just asking if anyone here can speak to this directly. Thanks!


To companies I would like to recommend:

  • Neibo (Belgian telco coop, still in startup phase, launch planned by the end of this year)
  • Arnold Analytics (analytics alternative with a focus on privacy and a low carbon web) disclaimer: I made this


Could you add to the directory?

upRing is a contact management app that is private, safe and secure. It uses a device-to-device technology that allows users to exchange contact info without risks. Everything remains in your device, so your contacts are not uploaded or stored anywhere, and your communications are completely private.

We figured that the best way to protect your data was not having it at all :wink:



Hope this finds you well.

I’d like to recommend:

It’s a knowledge sharing and social platform that puts its members first. this means no ads, no tracking. The aim is to put members in total control of their information.

The Kickstarter page should help provide some context:



Hi! I’m a team member for - we are a 501©(3) cultural heritage institution building the world’s first consumer-grade, secure cloud storage service backed by a nonprofit. We’re making digital archives available for individuals, organizations and families, permanently. As a nonprofit organization with an endowment, we have no need to make profit off our users by mining data, selling information to third-parties or advertising. We never take copyright of users’ data and our governing board keeps us true to our mission; to preserve and safeguard the digital materials entrusted in our system.

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Hi! I’m on the Community team at Mapbox. Our team supports non-profits and other positive impact / mission-driven organizations who want to use our tools. I’d like to suggest listing Mapbox ( as a maps and location data service provider alternative (for developers and businesses/organizations, we are not a consumer-facing company).

  • Our mission is to change how people use location data and navigate.
  • We are proud of our open source roots and work in the open as much as possible, with active contributions across the open source geospatial ecosystem and open data initiatives like OpenStreetMap.
  • We are a privacy-first company with stringent protections in place for our telemetry data and any user data that we collect.
  • We have protections for human rights built into our Terms of Service.
  • Our community team regularly donates API services and pro-bono volunteering hours from employees across the company to support non-profits and other positive impact organizations.

I’m happy to share more information if you have further questions (I am limited to sharing 2 links in this post). Thank you for considering us for the Ethical Resources directory - great initiative!


Hi :slight_smile: I’d suggest putting delta chat with email services as well as messaging since it’s really an email client. Also, I was surprised the list doesn’t contain an actual open source mailserver… Unfortunately I don’t use any mail servers myself as yet, can anyone recommend one?

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I’d love to see The Minimalists Podcast added to the ethical podcast category! The Minimalists encourage people to consume mindfully. There are never any ads and they aim to add as much value to listeners’ lives as possible.

Let’s Know Things by Colin Wright is also a fantastic independent podcast. As described on the website, “LKT is a podcast about context and the news. Each week the host, [Colin Wright], expounds upon a news item, explains why it’s important, and shows how it connects to other current events, historical happenings, philosophical questions, economic considerations, and technological realities.” There are always a very limited number of ads, thoughtfully curated and kept very brief—the host wants to respect listeners’ time. It’s deliberately easy to skip past them as they are constrained to one small chunk of time.

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@argovaerts, @ecasado, @Phil, @megandolan, @jsper, @clare - thanks a million all: your suggestions will be added! :relaxed::rainbow:

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