Suggestions for our Ethical Resources directory

I would include, an alternative to Slack. It works with channels > threads > conversations; it is thread-based and asynchronous so that a team member in Asia can calmly contribute to a discussion that happened 10 hours ago during US work hours. It is particularly useful for distributed teams. No FOMO or stress to respond. It also has a time off feature that allows you to disable all notifications and shows a vacation avatar to show your teammates. It


An ethical social network website for freelancers:
Registrants can join forum discussion and submit guest posts for freelancing issues.



Is there a specific order to the items listed on Ethical’s directory?

If not, I’d suggest either creating a rating scheme and sorting them or displaying them in a random order for each page load. Many people will unconsciously assign more value to items higher on the list, and that could either be fairly shared to the each item, or based on some metric.



Great point @ctag! Working on a collaborative rating scheme atm. Will be live in a few weeks we hope :slight_smile:


inclusion request for Broadband and Phones resources directory

Hi all!

please add Somos Conexión as the only Spanish telecoms co-operative, offering pay monthly SIMs and broadband.
Unfortunately website appears to be only in Catalan and Spanish

Check them out:
in order to translate DeepL is your friend :slight_smile:

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Thanks @easyKL! :slight_smile:

DeepL’s already on there, but we’ll check out Somos! :slight_smile:

Would love to see Drupal on there in the “Blogging & CMS” category. It’s an open source CMS in the same vain as WordPress and Joomla. Backdrop, which is already on the list, was forked from Drupal. It’s included as an example of famous OSS software, next to linux, in a recent blog post of yours
My profile there

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Just came across an open source forum software called Flarum. Still in Beta but looks interesting!

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@rocketeerbkw & @spanrucker thanks chaps, these look like great fits, will add 'em! :smiley: