Ethical clothing companies

Let’s kick this off with one of the sectors it’s trickiest to find ethical alternatives in - fashion.

I just found out about this neat social enterprise called Community Clothing. Not only are the clothes super cute, but the company are also on a mission to create job stability for British textile workers by using space in factories during seasonally quiet periods.

What ethical clothing brands do you recommend? Post below (with links)!

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Some of my favourites:

Monkee Genes for jeans and other types of trousers

Patagonia for long lasting clothes

Not a Factory is a tshirt company working exclusively with refugees in Greece

Just discovered Know The Origin recently but they look great as well.


I’m a big fan of second hand, and if in London, do try Traid. It’s more than a second hand shop, it’s a very active charity. Many other charity shops (Oxfam, Red Cross, etc.) have rather impressive “collections” for small amount of money. Compared to other cities and towns, London has an impressive number of charity shops, and most don’t have their own website, but take some time to visit one you pass by in the street, browse around and I guarantee you’ll be surprised.

There is the risk of wearing some brand you don’t support, but it’s better than sending it to the landfill. I guess…

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Talking about Know the Origin, here’s an interesting panel discussion they joined during the Ethical Consumer Conference 2018.

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Awesome! @pictureanca can you share some pointers from the panel discussion? :smiley: :pray:

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We posted this blog a couple of months ago: Repair & Maintain | Or How to Keep Your Beloved Clothes Longer in Your Life Just in case you are looking for tips on how to keep those beloved clothes longer in your life :wink:


Hi all, and thanks for the invite @pictureanca . I’ve been buying my shoes from EcoVeganShoes for the last 7 years. Saying that, I only bought two pairs and both are still in use, 2 pairs in seven years says lots (I also cycle in these shoes). In terms of clothes, I tend to just use charity shops (Fara and Shelter are my favs) though I did buy a few shirts from Weekday the other day (whoops). I ocassionaly buy from Beyond Skin and Ethical Wares



Welcome Ciprian, and thanks for the great recommendations! :slight_smile: You can introduce yourself more here, if you’re feeling brave :smiley:

So the boots are still in use after 7 years - but how are they looking?! :see_no_evil:

They look a bit worn out tbh though they were used for everything (walking, cycling, hiking). I’m pretty sure there’s better ones out there, I just stuck with this brand I guess :slightly_smiling_face:


A friend set up this project in Greece (oh neat blog, tells me Cata already mentioned this!)
clothes made by those seeking asylum



Thanks, Joe - and welcome! :relaxed: