Introduce yourself!


Hi newbie!

My name’s Sarah, and I’m one of the team working to turn the site from a simple blog into a fully-fledged, collaborative discovery platform. Exciting stuff!

^^^ Here I am dressed as an Edwardian post boy at the Postal Museum.

Your turn! Tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in ethical living (and throw in a fun fact while you’re at it!) :partying_face:

Welcome to ethical!
Ethical clothing companies


I’m Cata and I’m grateful to be part of the team!

I’m passionate about mindfulness, technology, and almost obsessed with Japan. Here’s a photo of me proud of my first (and probably last) ikebana flower arrangement:


My main interest re: ethical living is how to make the process of decision making as easy as possible for all of us, by collaborating, rather than doing research individually.


Hi all!
I’m Andrea I’m a UX and Product designer from Italy. I’m freelancing remotely and currently in Mexico. I’m mainly passionate about sustainability. I’ve learned that there are so many things to fix in this world and you got to pick your battles, so amongst all “ethical values” (human rights, privacy and so on) I’ve picked climate change and plastic pollution.

Looks like your doing great with the design work for the website but I’d be happy to collaborate if anything comes up!


Glad to see you here Andrea, welcome!


Hi everybody,

I am David from Germany. I work in IT and we’re building semantic search engines for e-commerce. I am interested in ethical living especially when it comes to consuming less and more high quality goods.



Welcome David! :raised_hands::relaxed:


I’d just like to say thank you to all who are helping this endeavor. I will try and direct as many as possible within my admittedly small sphere of influence to this wonderful site because the knowlwdge to possibly help one make ethical choices can never be too readily available.
Oh, as for me, terribly conflicted fellow trying to take ethical steps one at a time at least and to also help similar folk face these same forks in the road.


Hey @Cephus - welcome! :relaxed:

And please don’t be too harsh on yourself - we’re all works in progress! :see_no_evil:


Hi there!

My name is David, Im from Spain, and first of all, the technology of this forum has me really impressed! Everything is so simple and intuitive!

Anyway, Ive been interested in ethical living for the last 2 years and this website is a truly godsend.

Sorry if my english is not perfect but Ill try my best!


Bienvenido David! :relaxed:


Hi, I’m Piyush Suthar.
Nothing to describe about myself…


I don’t believe you @PiyushSuthar - surely you can share one fun fact at least?! :see_no_evil:


Hello, I just found out about the site via

My name is Ryan, I am a software developer who builds image processing and computer vision applications. I am currently working on a kind of personal search engine - it lives at I would love comments or feedback about it :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi! I’m Simon, I work as a composer for cartoon shows. Also a filmmaker. I make musical fun videos on YouTube (which I am increasingly conflicted about!) and other stuff my website

I appreciate this website - I’ve been interested in ethical living for a long while and have sunk a lot of time into researching different things over the years! Also brought here via

Increasingly I’m conflicted about how I can create and share artistic work online as my trust and comfort with platforms like twitter/facebook/youtube plummet!


Hola @Ryan y @spanrucker!

Apse sounds brilliant, Ryan - amazing work :slight_smile:

And Simon - cartoon composer, wow! We need to get you on the Hey, Cool Job! podcast :smiley:

Increasingly I’m conflicted about how I can create and share artistic work online as my trust and comfort with platforms like twitter/facebook/youtube plummet!

Such an interesting/horrible dilemma for creative types - how have you been navigating it so far?!


Not very well :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Cool Job sounds fun! I’m up for a chat whenever



Hi there!

My name is Ryan and I am glad I stumbled upon this awesome site! I believe ethics is more important now in our world than ever before. With the global economy, climate change, technology and so many things moving so fast its hard to stay on top of what is working for the betterment of the many and not the few, the longer term health of the planet and not for short term gain. Hope to be able to come here and discuss and discovery ways to live more ethically!


My name’s Robert, a retired acoustical consultant and an ex PC volunteer (Swaziland). This looked like an interesting group. Looking forward to exploring the site.


Welcome @kramer & @WildElf! :smile_cat:


Hello, fellow ethical-minded people. I am obsessed with ethics, like the guy in that TV show, so I figured I would join. I just wrote a book about ethical living and I will mention it tomorrow because it has a promotional price. :slight_smile:

I look forward to participating here. Thank you!