Introduce yourself!


Hi newbie!

My name’s Sarah, and I’m one of the team working to turn the site from a simple blog into a fully-fledged, collaborative discovery platform. Exciting stuff!

^^^ Here I am dressed as an Edwardian post boy at the Postal Museum.

Your turn! Tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in ethical living (and throw in a fun fact while you’re at it!) :partying_face:

Welcome to ethical!
Ethical clothing companies


I’m Cata and I’m grateful to be part of the team!

I’m passionate about mindfulness, technology, and almost obsessed with Japan. Here’s a photo of me proud of my first (and probably last) ikebana flower arrangement:


My main interest re: ethical living is how to make the process of decision making as easy as possible for all of us, by collaborating, rather than doing research individually.


Hi all!
I’m Andrea I’m a UX and Product designer from Italy. I’m freelancing remotely and currently in Mexico. I’m mainly passionate about sustainability. I’ve learned that there are so many things to fix in this world and you got to pick your battles, so amongst all “ethical values” (human rights, privacy and so on) I’ve picked climate change and plastic pollution.

Looks like your doing great with the design work for the website but I’d be happy to collaborate if anything comes up!


Glad to see you here Andrea, welcome!