Energy solutions

So, we decided on a category to launch the site with - ethical energy :raised_hands:

We chose energy because:

a) it’s a relatively manageable topic, as there’s a limited number of energy providers that could be called ethical in the UK, and

b) switching to a more ethical energy supply is a small change that can have a big difference :blush:

(We hope to get some more user input when we’re choosing the next category, FYI :smiley:)

We’ve put together a list of more-or-less ethical energy companies (the site’s users will be able to determine the ethical score of each company - read more about how that will work here), as well as a list of alternatives to the alternatives (like community energy projects!)

But what does ethical energy mean to you? Which company are you with, and do you consider them ethical? Or do you generate your own energy?! :wind_chime:

I know you have strong opinions on this one @pictureanca :see_no_evil:


After finding out more about community energy projects, I do think this is one of the most ethical forms of energy production. Such projects do tick many ethical boxes where massive companies would fail simply because of the current business model they rigorously follow.
But it’s not an easy conversation, also because this is a constantly changing sector, with dense legislation, etc.

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