Monday Roadmap 11/02/19


Happy Monday all!

Things are starting to move fast with the platform - exciting times! :partying_face:

What have we been up to?

Over the past month, we’ve been using research and your feedback from this survey to help us develop a concept for the site.

Our idea as it stands is essentially a collaborative ethical brand directory, with users able to contribute, comment and vote on companies. This interactive function will only be open to users who’ve achieved/been given a certain trust level on the forum - so no spammy brand greenwashing, yay! :rainbow:

We’ve sent some sketches to a web designer, so our idea will be reality within the next couple of weeks :exploding_head:

In the meantime, we’ve set up a sort of prototype ethical alternatives category in WordPress (read more about this here), which we we hope to make live within the week.

What’s next?

This week, we’re putting the finishing touches to the prototype category. We’ll announce when it’s live - we need your feedback to improve it!!!

We’re working on creating an ethical living resources page, too - this will also be a collaborative effort, so please leave your recommendations for any ethicalish stuff to watch here and to read here!

Thanks, and feel free to leave comments/questions/quibbles below!

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Energy solutions

Great work guys, looking forward to seeing the first prototypes! And will be happy to give feedback if I have any :wink:


Thank you, Maarten! :smiley: