Where do umbrellas go when they die?


I have quite a few umbrellas that are defunct now, (in the old days there used to be a special workshop to take them to re resuscite them). now…i d like to re cycle them and do not know how. Any ideas ?


I remember back in Bucharest in the 90s there were numerous tiny shops that were specialised in fixing zippers, umbrellas and watches. There needs to be a comeback.
Interesting list here: https://www.yelp.co.uk/search?find_desc=umbrella+repair&find_loc=London


Lmao, amazing title :see_no_evil:

I have absolutely no recollection of specialist umbrella-fixing shops… is it a Romanian thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a nice umbrella upcycling ideas list here - some of the ideas are cuuute, some… not so much (e.g. “skeleton photo mobile”) :grin:


You may have missed them Sarah :child:

In the last 15-20 years the rise of producing cheaper and cheaper items made this sort of fixing shops obsolete, as people prefer to chuck them away and buy a new one instead (exactly as unethical manufacturers want us to do).

However, as we become wiser about the throwaway culture and its impact on the planet and on ourselves, these sort of repair shops will hopefully make a comeback.

Much love and respect for these guys:


I would go and ask those working in the repair shops (any kind of repair) in your area if they need them. They can reuse parts. Or take them to that Junk Shop http://www.junkshopandspreadeagleantiques.co.uk/ in Greenwich. Not sure if they need them, but they might have better suggestions :slight_smile:

Or maybe find some local upcyclers :smiley:

And I suggest buying a good umbrella. It must be 7 years since I got the one I’m using now. It’s in my bag all the time. Windproof and all :slight_smile:


and i learned what it means Lmao

maybe there used to be more fixing shops in Scotland, as they are more thrifty by nature. But Cata is right, w see now the
absolute reign of discarding objects without that determination, that bit of stubbornness, of inventiveness and ultimately self’reliance that fixing represents. All good qualities.