What's the worst example of greenwashing you've seen?


Don’t know if it counts, but it boggles my mind that McDonald’s are allowed to sponsor the Olympics :exploding_head:


Yes McDonalds and Coke are always sponsoring the Olympics and whatever else big events can put their hands on.

It’s sad to see museums being sponsored by Banks as well!

How about working on a list of brands trying to greenwash their image and top 10 British institutions benefiting from this? More people should be aware of this practice.


Great idea — I’d love to write something like that! I’ll get on it :grin:

That reminds me, I never sent you the sustainable fashion apps piece I wrote. Here it is — it’s on my old housemate’s blog, which is why she has incredibly embarrassingly referred to me as a “fashion guru” :see_no_evil:


It’s worth following those at Art not Oil who work to end fossil-fuelled sponsorship of the arts; also, BP or not BP. They organise the best protests in the fanciest museums.


I think most big companies publicly display a certain degree of greenwash, whether it is keywords obsessively present in their banners, tv commercials, etc. A furniture company that is sustainable, a bank that is natural (yep, a bank), not to mention oil, gas and coal companies. Btw, this summer, an oil company put together its own Make the future festival. I personally would love to see a collection of photos taken by people’s daily encounters with greenwash. Of course, what they consider greenwash. It bet it would be just the start of a surprising conversation. What do you think?

Also, I hope all those teaching media literacy take greenwash seriously.

There are many ‘worst’ examples which I hope to collect in a more consistent article, but one I kept a close eye on for quite a while was Rosia Montana Gold Mining Corporation media campaign more than a decade ago, which was overwhelmingly present in all Romanian media outlets at the time. Worth revisiting.