What Is Biodegradable Plastic - and Is It a Pollution Solution?

Originally published at: https://ethical.net/reduce-reuse/biodegradable-plastic/

This past Thursday, Greenpeace protestors disrupted Nestlé’s annual general meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, urging an end to the company’s dependence on single-use (non-biodegradable) plastic. This came in the wake of research that proved Nestlé to be one of the top three companies whose plastics have choked the ocean in recent years, based on a study…

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I’ve been reading a lot about different more sustainable packaging materials recently and I think that mycelium is one of my favourite things ever and seems to be a really easy to scale solution for manufacturing packaging that is sustainable, biodegradable and actually can use waste in the production process.

I’m not sure that too many companies are using it to produce packaging yet, but it is being used more widely in all sorts of fields and has a lot of promise as a packaging material.

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