Tuesday tips - spring cleaning!

Hey friends,

Hmu with some tips, tricks and reccommendations for cleaning products and methods that don’t involve a bunch of plastic and horrid chemicals?

(Not that I clean my cave particularly regularly anyway… but still :angel:)


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Ah refilling old plastic bottles with different ethical cleaning products from these guys feels good: https://www.bulkmarket.uk/

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I hardly buy any cleaning products at all any more. Bicarbonate of soda (which you can buy in plastic-free cardboard packs, and apple cider vinegar (which I make myself from apple cores/peelings from our orchard trees) are pretty much all you need. Lavender (from my garden) is a go-to to make things smell lovely. It is rare that we need anything more heavy duty for cleaning. (I use the same basic ingredients to wash my (very long) hair too - so no more plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles in the bathroom!)


@Elizabeth can you share some link or recipes to create those cleaning products? More interested in the personal care (shampoo/soap) but also clothes and more.

Thank you!

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@andrea Happy to help. I shampoo my hair by simply mixing 1 tbps bicarbonate of soda into warm water and giving it a good stir, then pouring a little at the roots of my hair and massaging it in. (Sometimes, I add a drop of lavender essential oil. I then condition with apple cider vinegar, 1 part acv to 2 parts water. I rinse by hair well and then towel dry - super easy and I personally find that my hair is healthy. I go far longer between washes using this system. If your hair is very dry, up the acv and lower the bicarbonate of soda.You can experiment a little to find the right proportions for you but it should not take too long to get your hair how you like it. :slight_smile:


DIY bath bombs: https://blog.firsttunnels.co.uk/how-to-make-bath-bombs/
Soap plants: https://blog.firsttunnels.co.uk/soap-plants/
… just a couple of links to articles I’ve written that might be of interest to you.


Thanks @Elizabeth
When I was a kid, I remember my grandma was rinsing our hair with vinegar after washing it with homemade soap :smiley:

I’ve been using the Lush solid shampoo bars for years now. I like that they’re plastic free and one bar lasts for months, so I think it’s good value for money. I use about 2 bars per year :smiley: But I can’t wait to start making my own sustainable version.

Thanks again for the tips!

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