Tuesday tips - spring cleaning!


Hey friends,

Hmu with some tips, tricks and reccommendations for cleaning products and methods that don’t involve a bunch of plastic and horrid chemicals?

(Not that I clean my cave particularly regularly anyway… but still :angel:)



Ah refilling old plastic bottles with different ethical cleaning products from these guys feels good: https://www.bulkmarket.uk/


I hardly buy any cleaning products at all any more. Bicarbonate of soda (which you can buy in plastic-free cardboard packs, and apple cider vinegar (which I make myself from apple cores/peelings from our orchard trees) are pretty much all you need. Lavender (from my garden) is a go-to to make things smell lovely. It is rare that we need anything more heavy duty for cleaning. (I use the same basic ingredients to wash my (very long) hair too - so no more plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles in the bathroom!)