Tuesday Tips 29/01/19 - Avoiding Plastic


Interesting read via New York Times with lots of useful links :arrow_heading_down:

" To navigate the consumer minefield, plastic purgers develop mental maps of places where they can shop. It may take months, but they learn where to get milk in a glass bottle, or which health-food store lets you grind your own peanut butter. And rather than see it as a huge inconvenience, they treat living plastic free as a fun game."

@Cata you might want to have a look at this :slight_smile: #fungame

Same author offers ways to cut down on plastic :arrow_heading_down:


Video explaining microplastics pollution in under 5 minutes.
Plus solutions (yep, buying fewer or no synthetic clothes is one of them).


Published today, in The Guardian: Microplastic pollution revealed ‘absolutely everywhere’ by new research

“Contamination found across UK lakes and rivers, in US groundwater, along the Yantze river and Spanish coast, and harbouring dangerous bacteria in Singapore”

“It was startling. I wasn’t expecting to find as much as we did,” said Christian Dunn at Bangor University, Wales, who led the work. “It is quite depressing they were there in some of our country’s most iconic locations. I’m sure Wordsworth would not be happy to discover his beloved Ullswater in the Lake District was polluted with plastic.


When people make these visual representations of waste and solutions to waste, it feel so easy. Maybe because most of the time it really is easy :slight_smile: Image via Unwaste The Planet