To Buy! (ethical shopping)

Hi, I’m working on a site where I aggregate fair products from multiple brands in order to have one big shop where you can find products that you know are ethical in one way or another. Currently I took inspiration of ethical brands from B Corporations and from the list from “Good on you” app that classifies brands. Currently I aggregated about 25,000 products mostly fashion.

This is work in progress (non profit) but I’d be excited to hear your thoughts and suggestions:

If you know an online shop that has products you think should be listed just let me know!



Great work David! Thanks for sharing the link :wink:

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Amazing stuff David - thanks so much for sharing! :relaxed:

A couple of suggestions that spring to mind:

DoneGood (need a US VPN to use!)
Compare Ethics

Cool, thanks for the links Sarah, I’ll have a look asap :slight_smile:

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Oooh also, idk if you saw @maartenhunink’s post in another thread, but Sourced seems like it could be super relevant to you?

You can see their raw data on sustainable suppliers here! :relaxed: