The World Wide Web & Our Search for Sustainable Clean(er) Search Engines

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If there is a time for positive change, look no further – it’s always now. Because there’s no better time than now to do something, but also because this world, on so many levels (you know, you’ve been there too) was seriously derailed in the past couple of years. Chances are you are already struggling…

Thanks for the great article -
After reading it I managed to change my default address bar search engine to Ecosia by going to (in Chrome) preferences - search engine - managed search engines - then you can add Ecosia (or find it under ‘other search engines’) and set it to your default.

Now when i’m just typing things in the address bar it takes me to ecosia automatically, instead of Google all the time great!

Keep up the great work,

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Other than Ecosia, there’s a new search engine, Ekoru. Their servers run on hydro-electricity, protects user privacy, and they donate 60% of their revenue to climate change causes, their current cause is now Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, an organisation that cleans coastal areas around the world.

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