The #FlyLess and #NoFly Movements | Would You Stop Flying If You Knew Its True Cost?

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Let’s kick off with the good news: In the last few months people have started important conversations about the climate crisis. Some have even taken it to the next level and started walking the talk by making changes to their lifestyle to lower the damaging impact on our common home. Ranging from fast fashion and…

I fly from the UK to South Africa and back about once a year,which I don’t like doing, don’t really want to have to, struggle to pay for it and am unable to find an affordable alternative. Also I need to use a wheelchair to be able to fly, it’s extremely painful, but don’t really have much choice.

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Definitely. Not many choices for you here. The frequent flyers are the ones that need to change their ways. Then we have the companies and their very cheap plane tickets, airport expansions, tax exemptions for the industry, etc. :slight_smile:

True pictureanca, even though I have to fly long distance, most of the frequent flyers probably fly more miles in a year, than I will in a lifetime. Something I can’t understand is why changing flight 2 or 3 times makes flying a long distance cheaper, but you have to fly twice as far. It doesn’t make sense. I can fly from London to Turkey, change and fly to Cape Town for nearly half the price of flying direct. :frowning_face:

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