Social Networking

Here is an idea for a social sharing product that is completely anonymous but moderated by the community. The users do not have to register and compromise their identity. All the posts are always publicly accessible. But if someone decides to post something unethical – anyone can delete it no questions asked, and this is the key differentiator from the main stream social media. To look at all the public posts you can go to
In order to contribute, download the mobile app and start posting right away – no signup required.

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Really interesting concept, but some of the posts aren’t terribly exciting! :see_no_evil:

I wonder if that’s a consequence of users having the power to delete anything risque? :thinking:

It’s the opposite – it needs more users to start sharing interesting posts. After all, if you find something not interesting you do have the power to delete it. Otherwise, it’s not much different from the Instagram photo stream.

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I just added a pic of my very exciting sloth calendar, see if you can spot it :see_no_evil: