Similar projects [wiki post]


Do you know any other projects collecting and sharing ethical alternatives? If so, post below with a description of what they’re doing. You can either reply or click on Edit to add to this wiki post.

Ethical projects:

  • Ethical Consumer = the granddaddy of ethical ranking projects
  • = suggesting great alternatives to some digital platforms like Facebook, Medium, and Steam, along with some reasons why the alternatives are more wholesome
  • = alternatives to all Google products (a ton of them) submitted and voted by visitors
  • Donegood = a browser extension that automatically suggests ethical shop alternatives when you browse amazon or ebay, US-only at the moment
  • BuyMeOnce = curated “shop” with products made to last
  • Fair Apps = open source alternatives to mainstream web apps
  • Giki = an app that gives you the environmental credentials of products and companies

Recommendations projects:


The Ethical Company Organisation provides “ethical research information and brand comparison tables on thousands of companies & brands, promoting positive policies‍‍‍ in three key areas”. They publish The Good Shopping Guide. Do you guys know it? Read it? Cheers!


I think I saw it somewhere before but it’s just a printed book right? Not extremely practical for most people these days :smiley: but a great inspiration for us. Just ordered it.


Sure, but I was more interested in the contents and the brands they feature :slight_smile:


yes so we will wait for the book then :slight_smile:


A couple I just found!

Ethical Brand Directory
Compare Ethics
Zero Waste Near Me
The London Sustainability Hub
Ethical Hour Directory


I think these guys are dutch:


I like the Do Something box. Calls to action are always good :slight_smile: Although I would trim a bit the info they post there.


Just saw this project on producthunt, seems fresh: Maybe they could want to collaborate? Who knows…


Great find!!! :open_mouth: