On the Ethics of Streaming Music

Originally published at: On the Ethics of Streaming Music - ethical.net

These days, we no longer listen to music; we ‘stream’ it. In fact, with its global reach and wide demographic, streaming music on digital platforms is becoming the norm. This is one large, fast-growing medium, but we tend to get hung up on its technical possibilities and audience-focused excitement, rather than talking about its values…

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Does anyone know what the artist royalties are like per radio play, compared to streaming?

Hmm, no, but will look into it. However, from what I know, there are tighter copyright rules, maybe that’s why the playlists are limited and you end up listening to the same song a few times within a few hours :slight_smile:

I cancelled my Spotify subscription about a year ago, and am back to buying files, from Bandcamp on Bandcamp Fridays if possible. Then I’m streaming them to my devices from my self-hosted Jellyfin installation.

It at least gets me the same streaming benefit of not having to carry my entire music collection around on each device.

I do miss the discovery aspect of streaming in particular, it was nice to just pay a monthly fee and not worry about buying albums - it would be nice if there was a service that compensated artists fairly, but there’s a strong network effect barrier to entry for any streaming service - and I’m sure a dozen other hurdles.

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Hey Jared, your self-hosted installation sounds like a great idea for streaming Bandcamp collections. I still jump from one album to another… I sometimes miss playlists too. Hopefully they’ll add a feature that enables playlists in Bandcamp. :crossed_fingers: I’ll have a closer look at Jellyfin. Thanks for sharing!