Newsletters recommendations?


Looking for ethicalish newsletter recommendations, to add to the resources page and provide inspiration for our own upcoming newsletter (watch this spaaaace :alien:)

Most of my fav newsletters are a bit techy - Dense Discovery, Exponential View, Futuregov’s one.

I also love Helen Lewis’s The Bluestocking - “Long reads, current affairs and curios for people who like 18th century nerdery, offbeat tales of real life, and weird stories about cows.” - although it’s not really relevant for this!

Help??? :sweat::sweat::sweat:


I really like the daily briefings I get from The New York Times. I read them almost every day. I partially blame my commitment on the way they designed and structured the briefing.

And Treehugger manages to keep its newsletters packed with info but in such a way that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. They add quotes and jokes in the right places too :slight_smile:


Thanks Anca, I just subscribed to Treehugger! :slight_smile:


I get the daily one but I don’t manage to read it every day. But I keep saving them and occasionally enjoy browsing through them :slight_smile: Not sure if their daily, weekly and monthly newsletters are structured similarly hmm. Anyway, whatever you get I hope you’ll find it useful. :raised_hands: