How to Travel Without Flying in Europe (2019)

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This past April, activist Greta Thunberg made headlines as she spoke at environmental events across Europe. But the hubbub wasn’t just because she’s a teenage sensation whose campaigning is inspiring figures from the Pope the Obama – it was because her international journey was done entirely by train. But she’s not the only one opting…

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Amazing post! Thanks for putting this together!
I’m personally currently conflicted on how to get from Italy to the Netherland, I tend to use buses or trains most of the time but multiple-cross-country in Europe is really a challenge AND a cost. Interrail is only an option for longer-term travel, we really need something new to make it more convenient to connect countries around Europe via land!


I wrote this one - you’re so welcome! :smiley:

I travelled from Germany to Italy by bus in 2016 with Flixbus and had the time of my life, but it seems to have got wayyyy more expensive recently :sweat:

Yeah also buses are not as comfy as train for long trips :slightly_frowning_face: