How long do we have to limit the climate crisis: 18 months or 11 years?

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“How did it get so late so soon?” ― Dr. Seuss Is there such a thing as a climate deadline? Do we have 11 years to solve or limit the climate crisis, or just 18 months? Where do these numbers come from, and what do they mean? Below we break down the story behind the…

It looks like the list of things we can do as individuals is missing:

There’s a lot we can do as individuals. Here are just some of the things we’ve already discussed on our blog:

Further reading on the climate crisis timeline:

Oh, we can see it.
What’s your computer setup (browser, operating system)?
Sounds like a technical glitch.

Thanks for the fast reply, Anca!

I’m using a Mac, macOS 10.14.5. I checked again in Safari and Firefox. The content isn’t shown when using either browser. Inspecting the code shows the code isn’t rendered in the page at all.

I added your site to the whitelist for - which is installed on my computer - but saw no change.

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Follow up/edit: To clarify: I can see the list of things we can do as individuals on the actual post itself at ethical dot net/climate-crisis/timeline-climate-action/. In the text posted above, the list of things we can do is missing.

Hey, my colleagues think it’s something to do with the fonts. I think they fixed it. Can you see it now? :slight_smile: