Great new idea or greenwash!?


Curious what you guys think of this:

“new subscription service aiming to phase out single-use plastics. The program, first rolling out in US and France, will provide high-quality, durable packaging that can be returned and refilled. The program already features an impressive selection of consumer products: Axe and Dove deodorant, Tropicana juice, Tide detergent, and more.”

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So I don’t fully understand the concept (explain like I’m five?), but I think it sounds brilliant!

What makes you suspect it could be greenwashy? :thinking:

It reminds me of this article about millenials driving the demand for IRL milkmen in London :blush:


I like these tips for spotting greenwash found in a Fashion Revolution fanzine:


That’s a commendable initiative, but then you look at the initiators, and it changes everything :slight_smile: I think they have to change a lot more before they can be considered ethical. Knowing where they come from, I would definitely dig deeper and try to find out more about their initiative.