Fossil Fuel Divestment 101: A Complete Guide to Divesting Your Money (UK)

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With less than 11 years left for us to limit global warming to 1.5C, fossil fuels are still all pervasive in our societies. They’re polluting our atmosphere, acidifying our oceans, and forging the plastics that are piling up in landfills—and all of this activity is funded by our financial institutions Because even though the UK…

Just wanted to add for the pensions that, in the UK at least, PensionBee allows you to select where to invest your pension money and one of the options is “greener future” or something like that.

PS: Also in the Barclays section there’s a not ended statement on “actions you can do:” there’s nothing afterwards

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Thank you so much for the suggestion - I’ll add it to the piece! :slight_smile:

When I asked at my ROI bank about ethical investing, one argument I was given was that with the current corporate landscape, it is nearly impossible to know which companies own who so you couldn’t tell if you were investing in a company that had no ties to fossil fuels (or armaments or the military). Can you counter that argument? Will fossil fuel companies start a shell game when divestment gains momentum?