Feminist entrepreneurship


Feminist Entrepreneurs work to create/design alternative types of ventures and/or gendered products and services that specifically work to advance gender justice. As intersectionally guided feminist founders, we work to end gender-based oppression and strive to advance social justice for all. We see the creation of an enterprise as a way to live on their own terms and experiment with new models that challenge the status quo. Our ventures often serve as social, political and economic innovation labs. We take political action to advance change. We see this as important work. We create stepping stones towards realizing a radically transformed social, political and economic world. Our community is rooted in love, hope and compassion. We value collaboration, challenging discourse, and grassroots wisdom.

This is an all gender, safe, inclusive space! There are over 10 000 of us! We have a magazine (www.liisbeth.com) and bunch of feminist business design tools and wisdom to share. We are thrilled to be part of his network!


Welcome @PKMUTCH, and thanks for sharing the site, it looks beauuutiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: