Ethical Meal Delivery Companies

I’ve been a Blue Apron customer for years. Recently, I’ve read some shocking articles about the company’s low ethical standards in nearly every aspect of their business. From abusive labor practices to monopolistic behavior towards suppliers and farmers, I’m having serious doubts about continuing to support Blue Apron.

Supporting articles (just a few):


So my question is this: Does anyone have recommendations for home delivery meal services that have a proven track record of ethical standards?

Side note: I don’t have any dietary restrictions (pescatarian, vegan, etc) but I do mostly eat vegetarian meals.

Thanks so much for any feedback.


Thank you for sharing this, @Brunsvold! :open_mouth:

Where are you based? US or UK or…?

I was just about to suggest Hello Fresh, which I’ve heard good things about here in the UK, but then I found this article that dubs them “the world’s most ruthless food startup”!

So I’d be really interested to hear if anyone else has any suggestions on this! :see_no_evil:

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Hey guys,

These two are pretty good options for the UK:

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Thanks for the replies. I do live in the US, but I’ll pass that info on to my UK friends.

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