Another way to discuss

Hey guys, I found a great website the other day for debating ideas:

It’s still quite new, but really impressive how they build it. Personally I find it promising that there might be a way to discuss serious topics with less likelihood to cause polarisation, which is often the case in online discussions. So I honestly think this is a great initiative.

Maybe it’s inspiring for developing this platform as well. Or could be used to discuss certain ethical topics on.

Here is an interview with the founder:

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This is FASCINATING, thanks so much for sharing Maarten! :slight_smile:

I think there’s SO MUCH we can learn from this about keeping debate civil :angel: For example, it seems they only allow people to submit new debate topics when they’ve already commented on a bunch of other topics first?

I also really like how you can send the topic author a lil heart to show your appreciation :heartbeat:

Is there anything else that you took from it? And have you got involved in any debates on it yet? :grinning: