A website with everything about quitting Social Media

Hello everybody,
my name is Tommi, I am 20 and I come from Italy.

I spent most of the last year slowly building a website which is now starting to take a final form. It is about the importance, the reasons, and the alternatives of quitting social media. I have put a great amount of effort in conceiving, designing and writing it, and I would be very welcome to you if you could check it out, and tell me your opinion.

Most importantly, suggestions with better reformulations of already explained concepts, as well as more resources and data on the topic, would be of immense value. As you can see, in the Why page, which is the most important one, several points do not have any related resources; if you could suggest me some, I would really appreciate it.
In any case, feel free to open a PR on GitHub, where the website’s source code is hosted.

You can visit the website by clicking on the image below…

Quit Social Media

Thank you very much, again!