A Beginner’s Guide to Eating Sustainably in London

Originally published at: https://ethical.net/ethical/a-beginners-guide-to-eating-sustainably-in-london/

UpdateThough written before the current lockdown, we would still like to point you towards some great sustainable independent businesses with this article. They will need support more than ever during and after this crisis. Also, in stocking up on food and emptying supermarket shelves, it’s important to remember that packaged food which travels thousands of…

Hey everyone! Any ideas about the article are welcome and please introduce me to your sustainable eating tips. For those who live in other cities, do you find it easy to find places you trust are ethical and sustainable?

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I like to buy chocolate, coffee and za’atar from the Oxfam in my neighborhood :smiley: Some charity shops sell some food too, not much, but good quality, fair trade.

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That’s a good shout! Fair trade is very important as well, there are lots of products also in Holland & Barrett but it’s a bit more expensive I guess.