10 Books That Offer Hope (and Solutions) for the Future

Originally published at: https://ethical.net/climate-crisis/10-books-that-offer-hope-and-solutions-for-the-future/

It’s December 2020 and we’re in dire need of positivity and hope. With so many global crises unfolding, investigating solutions to both new and old problems should provide a welcome boost.  With their charm, potential for depth, and centuries-old format, books are still the ideal medium for presenting, developing, and discussing solutions – hence this…

Umm… the book titles seem to be missing from this post. :slight_smile:

Found them by looking at the original blog post and there are some really interesting recommendations there that I’m going to try and find time to read in the New Year.

Oh, that’s weird. Thanks for letting us know. We’ll try to fix it.

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Can you see the titles now? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yep, perfect now :slight_smile:

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