Suggestions for our Ethical Resources directory

@argovaerts, @ecasado, @Phil, @megandolan, @jsper, @clare - thanks a million all: your suggestions will be added! :relaxed::rainbow:

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Hey Sarah!

Any chance we could get upRing added as well?

Yep, that’s going up too! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Sarah! You rock!

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Hi Saray! I’d like to suggest my app Hippo, which is a notes app to stay on top of relationships and become more attentive to the people around you. The data stays on your device, and I’ve already received a couple of compliments on my privacy policy (didn’t expect people to actually read it :slight_smile:
I use a couple of products from your directory in this project, like SimpleAnalytics on the marketing site and Matomo to track screens in the app.

ahhh @roel, what a lovely idea! :slight_smile: definitely worthy of a place on the list, i think! :relaxed:

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Hey there! I’d like to suggest shrtcode
It’s a free URL shortener which is very privacy friendly because it doesn’t track any short-link visitors. Additionally, it stores all shortened Links very securely and is very reliable and fast.
You can read more about it on the FAQ page:

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Lovely stuff @A_n :relaxed:

Hi there guys.

Amazing collection of resources here! Wanted to also contribute one which is a website my friend worked on listing Europe based ethnical clothing brands:


yo, I’d very much like to see a project management category opened and would suggest GNU Redmine and openproject as the first entries in that category


Hi there, I’d like to suggest Wallabag as a viable Free/Libre/Open Source alternative to Pocket/Instapaper. It’s a self-hostable PHP/MySQL app (like Wordpress). There’s also a hosted version at


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I would like to suggest alternative, privacy focused video search engine Petey Vid , its multi-lingual and searches 50+ platforms other than YouTube, cheers!

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You could addIzarkom to broadband providers. It is a cooperative and democratic Basque project that emerges from the people, which has been created with the aim of providing a series of telecommunication services that would guarantee access to telephony and internet services, suitable for technical conditions and based on eligible costs through affordable tariffs. In short, Izarkom is a cooperative telecommunication operator from the Basque Country, whose purpose to get sovereignty over the infrastructure of telecommunication services.

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This is more of an edit than a submission. Firefox has now rebranded and it’s home to a suite of ethical and privacy-focused products like Firefox Browser, Firefox Send, Firefox Monitor, Firefox Listen, Pocket, and Firefox Lockwise hopefully with more to come. Firefox

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Would it be possible to add an Electric Vehicle Hire company - great alternative for those looking to commute around the UK, or tourists who want to visit and travel around the UK without any emissions?

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Consider adding, a search engine that donates part of its revenue to climate change causes such as animal welfare, reforestation, ocean conservation, and climate change policy. Its servers are housed in eco-friendly data centres to ensure that user searches have a minimal impact on the environment. The data centers used are cooled passively by airflow and water with zero reliance on air-conditioning. User searches are all anonymous, no search history is retained, and every search is private

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Hey everyone, I saw the documentary 2040: Regeneration in the cinema yesterday and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is dealing with eco-anxiety at the moment. The director wanted to make the film to show his daughter what an eco-friendly future might look like if we implemented the clean technologies we have available today.

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Hello! I would like to suggest Clean Email app. It helps to manage your mailbox – group and organize, remove, label, and archive emails, unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and spam emails. You can try it for free for managing your first 1000 emails.

There are a few online news sites dedicated to ethical news:
Topic News (available in Chinese and English)

Micro News. (English)

abillionveg is a plant-based food and products review site. Submit reviews and engage with the community, and the company donates to animal sanctuaries and related groups along the way.