Introduce yourself! Hi am Stefania and have been away for a while

Hi there,

I’m Elizabeth, a green living consultant, writer and permaculture designer living in Scotland. I’m now writing for the site, and am passionate about providing solutions for a more ethical and sustainable way of life. I grow veg, keep chickens and am building up a forest garden in our walled orchard. My husband and I are also working on the eco renovation of an old stone barn.

I look forward to continuing to work with and be inspired by all the like-minded people on this site. :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m Jack. I found the link via a Solarpunk community on Discord. I’ve been slowly researching some of this stuff on my own and I really appreciate having a resource where I can start going forward!


Welcome @finch - feel free to make as many suggestions for the list that you’ve found in your research as possible! :smiley:

How very exciting. Elizabeth. Are you guys based in Scotland? I have just come back from Pitlochry and the Schehalion. Always happy to go to clean Scotland!

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