How to Reduce Your Internet Carbon Footprint

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About three years ago, I found out that the internet has a carbon footprint. While browsing, I clicked on an article about Bitcoin and discovered that mining cryptocurrencies uses unfathomable amounts of energy. In fact, it uses so much processing power that the best option for many cryptocurrencies is to house their servers in Icelandic…


I know this is an old article, but I’d like to fire up the discussion again. You can reduce the internet’s energy usage on your (mobile) device, your wifi router, at your ISP, at the hosting companies by using an ad blocker. I built a service to proof exactly this:

Two reasons:

  • Your browser does way less requests this is a win for your device, but also for all the servers and switches that don’t have to handle your request.
  • When you see less ads you are less inclined to buy stuff you don’t need.
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