How to recycle clothes? by the truck?

Got a question about the site/life/the universe/everything? Pop it in this thread and we’ll try to answer it!

I’ll go first, shall I? :angel:

Q. Who are you, and why are you doing this?!

A. Great question!

We’re Sarah (that’s me!), Cata, Anca and Raj. We noticed that, although there’s lots of great ethical alternatives sites out there (like Ethical Consumer and GoodOnYou), there’s no one site that’s totally universal, free and collaborative. So that’s what we’re trying to build! :relaxed:

Q: Is it ethical, especially for vegans to own cats?

Since cats cannot survive without meat, some animals would still have to suffer so you can feed your cat(s). We own cats and they’re part of the family but this keeps bugging me for a while :slight_smile:

It seems that as a cat owner you woun’t be able to consider yourself 100% vegan.


Ah that’s a difficult one! We have a dog and face very similar difficulties :sweat:

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Such a tricky question!

This article claims that science might sort this for us in the next few years, with lab grown meat or “ancient Asian fungi” :thinking:

But whether lab grown meat is vegan is another question…

Hi, any thoughts on which banks are most ethical?

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Based off the looking into it I did for this little article:


Building societies and credit unions (esp the Ecology Building Society).


Can a website be ethical and if so, what would make it ethical?