Ethicalish events


Please add any ethical-related events you know of to the calendar!

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Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2019 2019-04-26T23:00:00Z



Festival of Maintenance 2019-09-27T23:00:00Z


Sustainable & Ethical Fashion 2019-04-29T23:00:00Z


Spring £1 Book Sale! Hosted by Amnesty 2019-04-24T23:00:00Z


Community Energy - Life After FiTs 2019-04-07T23:00:00Z


Hi Sarah,

Thanks so much for sharing these! It’s often very difficult to keep tabs on all that’s happening around you.

Can I also suggest some of the events 40 Acres is hosting?

Resurgence Talks: Caring for the Soil and Craftivism: The Art of Gentle Protest seem to be relevant to the topic.


Brilliant, thank you Dana! I will add them :smiley:


Resurgence Talks: Caring for the Soil, Nourishing the Soul with Satish Kumar 2019-03-27T00:00:00Z


PebbleFest 2019 2019-04-26T23:00:00Z


Vegfest UK London 2019 2019-10-25T23:00:00Z


George Monbiot - Connecting the dots between climate emergency, consumerism and mental health 2019-04-30T23:00:00Z


Green Rooms Market at Peckham Springs 2019-03-30T00:00:00Z


Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2019 2019-04-26T23:00:00Z


London’s vegan zero waste market! 2019-04-12T23:00:00Z


Tooting Restart Party 2019-05-17T23:00:00Z


Positive Planet 2019-04-05T23:00:00Z